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The Corozal Trademark™

Our Corozal and Corozal.com graphics are copyright ©2002 and ©2018, respectively, by Jan Wilson of the web design and hosting JWebs.bz, registered in Belize. They incorporate parts of the Corozal Town Hall Mural, but it is the design of using them to formulate the words that we consider copyright by us.

The Corozal Town Hall Mural was done by Manual Villamor (1928-2018), who gave us permission to use parts of the mural in our trademark. He died November 1st, 2018.

A previous form of the trademark was first used on our Corozal.com website in Dec 1998. The present form since Mar 2002. And an alternate form, with .com, was added in Aug 2018.

History of the Mural

Belize.com has an interesting history of the mural.

See this page for the last restoration by the artist, Manuel Villamor.


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