Statutory Instrument 36 of 2022

SI-36, Public Health (Prevention of the Spread of Infectious Disease) (COVID-19) Regulations, 2022. 1 Mar 2022.

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Title Pages for SI 36

Arrangement of Regulations

SI-36 Pg 1

Regulations Gazetted 28th February 2022
Part I. Preliminary

1. Citation

2. Interpretation
This begins definitions of important terms.

SI-36 Pg 2

These are definitions for: Act, airport, approved facility, approved hotel or tourist accomodation, BPO, COVID-19, Belize Tourism Board, Designated Officer, Enforcement Unit, essential business, essential service, essential worker.

SI-36 Pg 3

Definitions, continued:
foreign tourist, frontline workers.

SI-36 Pg 4

Definitions, continued:
hotel or tourist accomodation, immunized, immunization, permanent resident, proof of immunization, proprietor, PCR test, public transportation.

SI-36 Pg 5

Definitions, continued:
public utility, Qualified Retired Person, Quarantine Authority, rapid test, social distancing.

3. Application
Regulations apply to the whole country of Belize.

Part II, Protocols

4. Wearing of face masks.
Begins on this page.

SI-36 Pg 6

Face masks, continued.

SI-36 Pg 7

More face masks.

5. Social distancing, etc.
See the definition on SI-36 pg 5.

SI-36 Pg 8

6. Restriction of gatherings for social purposes.
Generally, all must be immunized. Types of social gatherings allowed. Penalty up to $5,000.

Requiring immunization of those attending church services is particularly controversial in Belize. Watch for an amendment soon that will change this in some way.

SI-36 Pg 9

7. Exemption on the restriction of gatherings for social purposes.
The Minister may grant exceptions, which will be published in the Gazette.

8. Social distancing protocols and other requirements for businesses and offices.

SI-36 Pg 10

More on social distancing.

SI-36 Pg 11

BPO info.

SI-36 Pg 12

9. Tour operators and tour guides to present immunization card.

10. Exercising and sports.

SI-36 Pg 13

Walking, running, cycling OK with distancing. Competitive sporting OK, only if immunized.

11. Closure of bars, rum shops, etc.

12. Casinos and other gaming establishments. Employees and patrons must be immunized.

SI-36 Pg 14

And physical distancing, 75% capacity, wearing face masks. More specifics.

SI-36 Pg 15

Lots of other requirements for casinos.

SI-36 Pg 16

13. Restriction on gymnasiums.
ventilated, appointment only, 75% capacity, social distancing. Face masks unless exercising. Other requirements.

SI-36 Pg 17

14. Churches and other places of worship.
All persons must be immunized. Maximum 75% capacity. All but person conducting service must wear face masks. More.

There is a good chance the requirement for church members to be immunized may be changed soon by amendment to this S.I.

15. Restrictions on restaurants, saloons, diners, etc., and street food vendors.

SI-36 Pg 18

Employees must be immunized. Street vendors must place markers. Dining in by reservation only, no more than 75% capacity. Social distancing. More.

16. Corozal Free Zone.

SI-36 Pg 19

17. Schools.
Can open for face to face instruction if they meed criteria of the Green Light Standard Safety Checklist. Otherwise they may operate only online.

18. Operating remotely.
If not an essential business, employees must be able to work remotely if possible.

SI-36 Pg 20

19. Transportation.
Face masks required for public transportation, limited to 75% capacity. Hand sanitizer. More.

SI-36 Pg 21

Specifics for public transportation.

SI-36 Pg 22

Part III
Entry and exit through the airport, land port or sea port.

20. Requirements for foreign tourist prior to arrival.

SI-36 Pg 23

21. Entry of persons through airport, land port or sea port.

SI-36 Pg 24

22. Mandatory quarantine.

23. Compliance with health and safety protocols.

SI-36 Pg 25

24. Fees for testing.

25. Offence and penalty.

26. Recovery by civil proceedings.

SI-36 Pg 26

27. Exit of persons through airport, land port or sea port.

28. Offence and penalty for entering or exiting Belize contrary to this part.

SI-36 Pg 27

29. Procedure on arrest and charge of persons entering or exiting Belize illegally.

SI-36 Pg 28

30. Travel insurance.

SI-36 Pg 29

31. Procedure where a foreign tourist tests positive for COVID-19.

SI-36 Pg 30

32. Requirement to complete health declaration form.

Part IV
Testing institutions and testing kits.

33. Approved testing institutions.

SI-36 Pg 31

34. Restriction on importation of home test kits, equipment, etc.

SI-36 Pg 32

Part V
Offences and penalties

35. Offences in relation to mandatory quarantine.

SI-36 Pg 33

36. Offence of being in possession of fake immunication card.

37. Penalty for employers and employees.

38. General offence and penalty.

SI-36 Pg 34

Part VI
Violation Tickets

39. Issue of violation ticket.

40. Form of violation ticket. Schedule IV.

41. Fine to be paid.

42. Time for payment of fine.

SI-36 Pg 35

43. Further application of certain provisions of Summary Jurisdiction (Procedure)

44. Places for payment of fine.

SI-36 Pg 36

45. Use of fines paid.

Part VII

46. COVID-19 Enforcement Unit.

SI-36 Pg 37

47. Repeal and savings. S.I. 15 of 2022. S.I. 22 of 2022.

48. Commencement.

SI-36 Pg 38

Schedule I (regulation 2)
Essential Services

SI-36 Pg 39

Schedule II (regulation 2)
Vaccine and doses

SI-36 Pg 40

Schedule III (regulation 33)
Approved Testing Institutions

SI-36 Pg 41

Schedule IV (regulation 40)
Form of Violation Ticket

SI-36 Pg 42

Continuation of Violation Ticket

SI-36 Pg 43

Fines and penalties relating to violation tickets.

of Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness
28 February 2022


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