Statutory Instrument 151 of 2021

SI-151, Public Health (Prevention of the Spread of Infectious Disease) (COVID-19) Regulations, 2021. 6 Dec 2021.

Source: GOB Press Office

Amended by SI-22 of 2022


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Title Pages

Contents and definitions

Page 1

Regulations Gazetted 6th December, 2021
Part I Preliminary

1. Citation

Page 2

2. Interpretation, definitions of: Act, airport, approved hotel or tourist accomodation, BPO, COVID-19, Belize Tourism Board, Designated Officer, Enforcement Unit, essential business, essential service, essential worker, foreign home owner, foreign tourist.

2 is amended by SI-22 of 2022, including the term App providing users with an electronic copy of that user’s vaccination card.

Page 3

Reg 2 continues with definitions of frontline workers (ends on next page).

Page 4

Reg 2 continues with definitions of Hotel or tourist accommodation, immunized, immunization, minor, open air restaurant, outdoor restaurant, al fresco dining restaurant, permanent resident, proof of immunization, proprietor, PCR test.

Page 5

Reg 2 continues with definitions of public transportation, public utility, Qualified Retired Person, Quarantine Authority, rapid test, social distancing.

3. Application.
Part II Protocols

4. Curfew
Sun-Thu, 11pm until 4am of the next morning, Fri-Sat, 12am until 4am.

4 is amended by SI-22 of 2022, establishing a curfew from 7 Feb until 6 Mar 2020.

The curfew is 11pm to 4am next day on Sun-Thu, and midnight to 4am Fri/Sat to Sat/Sun.

Page 6

Reg 4 continues with curfew info for minors, who is exempt, and violations.

5. Wearing of face masks. Face masks are required except for those under 6. But neck gaiters and similar masks are prohibited.

Page 7

Reg 5, continued. Face masks are not required at a private residence, exercising, swimming, or driving alone or with members of the same household in a motor vehicle.

Those in charge of a business, office, or establishment are responsible to insure the wearing of masks.

Page 8

6. Social distancing, etc. Not doing so is a violation.

7. Entry into government offices, etc. This requires proof of immunization, with certain exceptions.

Page 9

More clarifications and exceptions to entry into government offices, etc.

Page 10

More details about entry into government offices, etc.

8. Approved testing institutions and testing kits. Schedule III. This begins a list of approved test kits.

Page 11

9. Restriction of gatherings for social purposes. Restrictions on more than 10 persons gathering who are not in the same household.

10. Exemption on the restriction of gatherings for social purposes. The Minister may exempt certain gatherings, and each exemption will be published in the Gazette.

Page 12

11. Restriction on social activities. Restrictions on gatherings, recreational or competitive sporting events, wedding for more than 10 persons, banquets, balls, receptions, any social event, funeral (with exceptions), fraternal societies, clubs, other associations or organizations.

Page 13

12. Social distancing protocols and other requirements for businesses and offices. Six feet social distancing, face masks, 50% capacity.

Page 14

More under requirements. Department stores, hardware stores, dry goods stores, shops and markets greater than 2,000 feet require a Peace Officer.

Page 15

BPO requirements.

Page 16

Internal auditor for COVID-19, spot checks for requirements under Regulation 12.

Page 17

13. Redeployment of frontline workers. If not immunized.

14. Tour operators and tour guides to present immunization card. Before entry into any tourist site.

15. Exercising and sports. Walking, running, cycling allowed subject to conditions. Non-contact sports, and contact sports if immunized.

Page 18

16. Closure of bars, rum shops, etc.

17. Casinos and other gaming establishments. Only for immunized. Physical distancing, 50% capacity, face masks.

Page 19

More details on casinos, etc.

Page 20

More details on Peace Officers in casinos, etc.

18. Restrictions on gymnasiums. Ventilated, appointment only, 50% capacity, social distancing.

Page 21

Owner/operator must ensure compliance, keep a log, etc.

19. Churches and other places of worship. Services no more than one hour. No more than 50% capacity. Face masks except for person conducting the service.

Page 22

More on churches, etc.

20. Restriction on spas, beauty salons and barber shops. Appointment only. Maximum of one customer and one waiting (if social distancing can work).

Page 23

21. Restriction on restaurants, saloons, diners, etc. and street food vendors. Distance markers, dining-in only by reservation, 50%. Open air, 75%.

Page 24

Peace Officers for restaurants, etc.

22. Opening of the Corozal Free Zone. Temperatures logged.

23. Schools. Green Light Standard Safety Checklist and the School Readiness Checklist for face to face instruction.

Page 25

24. Employers to implement a shift system. For non-essential businesses.

25. Operating remotely. Details.

26. Transportation.

Page 26

Regulation 26 details for public transportation.

Page 27

More details for public transportation.

Part III Entry through the airport

27. Requirements for foreign tourist prior to arrival.

Page 28

Foreign Tourists must book stay at approved hotel or attraction, transportation authorized by Belize Tourism Board (BTB). Failure may cause denial of entry.

28. Testing requirments. Negative PCR test within 96 hours of arrival, or other approved test within 48 hours of arrival.

Page 29

More restrictions for entry via the airport.

Page 30

29. Quarantine. Details for anyone testing positive.

Page 31

30. Compliance with health and safety protocols. Violations shall be issued a violation ticket (see Part VII).

31. Fees for testing. Paid by person entering.

32. Offence and penalty. $5000 or 6 months imprisonment or both.

Page 32

33. Recovery by civil proceedings. The Quarantine Authority can charge you for tests.

Part IV Entry through land and sea ports

34. Closure of land and sea ports. Entry and exit closed to Belizeans except for cargo shipments, emergency medical travel, or Reg. 35 & 36.

35. Entry of persons returning to Belize at any land or sea port. Allowed if you are Belizean or Permanent Resident returning with proof of having received urgent medical care. See following page.

Amended by SI-22 of 2022 changing the title of PART IV to Entry and exit through land ports and sea ports

Changes Reg 34 to say that land and sea ports will reopen 7 Feb 2022 and operate from 6am to 4pm for sea ports and 6am to 10pm for land ports.

Changes Reg 35 to say that everyone entering/exiting land/sea ports except foreign tourists must be tested for SARS-CoV2 by the MoHW, unless they are returning to Belize on the same day they left, and they have no flu-like symptoms.

Amended by SI-22 of 2022 changing Regulation 36 to say that when exiting Belize through a land or sea port, you must present proof of immunization if you are a Belizean national age 12 or above, a permanent resident age 12 or above, holding a temporary employment permit, dependent’s permit, or student permit, a resident Belizean diplomat, a foreign diplomat residing in Belize, or a Qualified Retired Person.

Page 33

Also if required to assist health officials in Belize, enrolled or graduand of an educational institution abroad, returning Belizean or Permanent Resident, resident diplomat, foreign diplomat, holder of valid work permit, required for emergency work, business person with investments in Belize. Any of these may be placed into mandatory quarantine or self-quarantine.

36. Permission to enter Belize through land or sea port. Any person qualified under Reg. 35 shall apply to the Ministry or consulate or embassy.

37. Offence and penalty for entering or exiting Belize contrary to Reg. 34. Mandatory quarantine, 3 months imprisionment. Second offence prison for 1 year.

Amended by SI-22 of 2022 updating Sections 37 and 38 to reflect the open borders.

Updates Reg 41 for foreign tourists, for sea ports open 6am to 4pm and land ports open 6am to 10pm. Foreign tourists must purchase travel insurance.

Amended by SI-22 of 2022 listing exemptions to the travel insurance requirement.

Page 34

38. Procedure on arrest and charge of persons entering or exiting Belize illegally. Testing, arraignment, quarantine. Continued …

Page 35

More from Reg 38: isolated in cell, brought to court ASAP.

39. Approval for importation of tests and approval to conduct testing. Ministral grants approval.

Page 36

40. Mandatory quarantine. Requirement to report positive test. May require quarantine.

Page 37

Part V Entry of foreign tourists through land ports

41. Entry of foreign tourists at Santa Elena and Belize Western Borders. Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-noon.

42. Testing requirements. 10 days quarantine if from certain African countries. Others tested by MoHW. What happens if positive.

Page 38

43. Procedure on testing positive for COVID-19. Tourist may be denied entry, or put into Government designated quarantine facility. Discharged by health professional following MoHW guidelines. Offence results in mandatory quarantine and fine of $1000.

Page 39

44. Requirement to complete health declaration form. Provided by a designated officer.

45. Compliance with health and safety protocols. Wear face mask, observe social distancing. Or be issued violation ticket (see Part VII).

46. Cost for testing. Tourist must pay cost.

Page 40

47. Offence and penalty. Resistance can get fine of $5,000 or imprisonment for 6 months or both.

48. Recovery by civil proceedings. They can charge you.

Part VI Offences and penalties

49. Offences in relation to mandatory quarantine. If you contravene Reg 40, breach any direction of Quarantine Authority while in quarantine, or escape quarantine, liable for mandatory quarantine and $1,000 fine. For second offence, mandatory quarantine and imprisonment for 1 year.

Page 41

50. Offence of creating or being in possession of fake immunization card.

51. Penalty for employers and employees. Conviction carries $5,000 fine. Subsequent offence $5,000 fine and closure of that business for 7 days. Contravention of Reg 5 or Reg 12 carries $200 fine.

52. General offence and penalty. Contravention of regulations or inciting any other person to do so can result in a fine of $5,000 or imprisonment for 2 years. Subsequent offences imprisonment for 2 years.

Page 42

Part VII Violation Tickets

53. Issue of violation ticket. Police officer or officer of the Enforcement Unit may issue tickets. Refusing to give info, or giving false info can cost you a fine of $1,000.

54. Form of violation ticket. Schedule IV. Form provided in Schedule IV, prepared in duplicate.

55. Fine to be paid. Fine of $500.

56. Time for payment of fine. You must pay within 15 days. Increased by $10/day if not paid on time. If more than 30 days, you must appear in court.

Page 43

57. Further application of certain provisions of Summary Jurisdiction (Procedure) Act. Legal stuff.

58. Places for payment of fine. Fines for violation ticket may be paid at the Treasure, District Sub-Treasury, or any Magistrate’s Court.

Page 44

59. Use of fines paid. They go to the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

Part VIII Miscellaneous

60. COVID-19 Enforcement Unit. Officers are appointed by the MoHW, published in the Gazette.

Page 45

61. Repeal and savings. This repeals SI-119 and amendments.

62. Commencement. These regs come into force on 6 Dec 2021.

Page 46

Schedule I (Reg 2) Essential Services A list of all the entities considered Essential Services.

Page 47

Schedule II (Reg 2) Vaccines and doses.

Page 48

Schedule III (Reg 8) Approved Testing Institutions Including Archangel Medical Center in Corozal Town.

Page 49

Schedule IV (Reg 54) Form of Violation Ticket First of 2 pages for the violation ticket.

Page 50

Second page for the violation ticket.

Page 51

Notes and signature of Hon. Michel Chebat, MoHW.

Amended by SI-22 of 2022 effective 7 Feb 2022 and signed by Hon. Kevin Bernard, MoHW.

See the SI-151 PDF here: SI-No-151-2021-Public-Health.pdf

See the SI-22 (of 2022) Amendment PDF here: SI-No-22-of-2022-Public-Health-Reform.pdf

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