Valentines 2022 Not As Planned

We had these great plans to celebrate Valentines' Day 2022 by showing our support for arts in Corozal and for the Grand Opening of a close-by and favorite restaurant. None of them went quite as planned.

Coconut Hut, Artiste Market

First we went to the Coconut Hut to see the Valentines Day version of the Artiste Market. As you can see, they did a lot to try to promote Art in the Park for February 12th. There weren’t many artists there, probably because they were planning to go to Art in the Park, and because it was rainy. It did rain while we were there, but talking with the artists was interesting.

Tortuga Grill and Paddle Lounge Grand Opening

Then, we had made reservations at the Tortuga Grill and Paddle Lounge for 11am, when they were supposed to open. We understood this Saturday was to be their grand opening, and we had assumed that they meant from the time they opened. They were a little late opening, and rather than a special menu, they did not have a full menu to offer. So we ordered both the shrimp fajitas and the chicken fajitas and shared them. It was quite good, and Judy took some home for her supper. We will definitely go back.

Art in the Park, Maybe the Last One

We had planned to go, take some photos while there was still light, and then leave early. I ordered Miss Deb’s special, a Jalapeño Corn Fritter Burger to be picked up when we left, and we looked around the food vendors, artists, and others who displayed at the event. The participation seemed a little less than in December. The burger from Miss Deb’s was quite good, by the way.

Sad News for Corozal Arts

Early Sunday morning we saw the tragic news about Art in the Park. It is suspended indefinitely. Our own interpretation of why is that there just hasn’t been enough support. COVID restrictions made it much worse, of course, but except for a few people, including Gail Johnson who sponsered this edition, there just hasn’t been enough to get all the work done. Debra and Pat (who had promised to fill in for Debra) just couldn’t do it all. The Town Council, most of the volunteers, even the artists themselves, simply have not come through. It will be greatly missed.


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