Aventura Archaeology Day

San Joaquin Community Center, Corozal

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Dr Cynthia Robin and her team from the Aventura Archaeology Project presented information about archaeology, artifacts, culture, heiroglyphs, the atlatl (spear thrower), and other fun for all the people who live near the Aventura archaeological site. We have a video of the atlatl demonstration, and still photos of lots of the activities presented.

Click on this image for a Youtube video of the atlatl (spear thrower) demonstration given during Aventura Archaeology Day, San Joaquin, Corozal, on Sunday, July 14th, 2019. Local kids, many if not most descendents of the ancient Maya themselves, learned about this part of the Maya culture. For more on the atlatl.

The photos below give a idea of all the information and fun presented. A few presentations are missing but they are featured in the Ancient World Week galleries that follow this page.


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