Photo History of Corozal

Victoria Street, Corozal, B.H.

These pages show some old photos from Corozal District, mostly from the early part of the Twentieth Century. If anyone has any other photos, or has more information about these, please contact . Click on any small image to see a larger picture.

In 1913, it was called Albert Street in Corozal Town. Today it is 4th Avenue. The third photo is from 1920, the center of town, where the famous Black & White Club used to be.

Corozal Town

Albert Street residential, 28 November 1916

These are areas a little away from the center of town. Parade Avenue was apparently what is now Third Avenue, or perhaps part of it is now in the Bay.

On the last photo above, the Municipal Wharf, you can see the kind of ship that brought freight, mail, and other goods.

Foreshore and Nearby

The Foreshore must have been what is now the southwest part of Fourth Avenue, along what we now call Miami Beach.

The sugar factory was in Libertad Village, south of Corozal Town. Several years ago it was producing molasses.


Arial view after Hurricane Janet, September 1955

Hurricane Janet virtually destroyed Corozal Town. Only a few buildings were left standing. The old Roman Catholic School and Church were destroyed. Janet was not the only hurricane to hit Corozal, however.

Softball Team

Corozal Softball Team 1953

This photo was taken at Home Park, Belize City, 15 Feb 1953. Corozal battled the Texans, and the score was 6 to 5.

Front row: Norbea Orosco, Teresita Martinez, Rene Sosa, Rosita Lizama, Minerva Sosa, and Elma Gomez.

Back row: Collet Gill, Graciela Quan, Alice Goff, Mary Watson, Amparo Alpuche, Emma Quan, Lucille Stewart, Curly (Cordilia) Gilharry, and Alfonso Vasquez.

Thanks to Oscar Riveroll and his family for providing this and many other historical photos of Corozal.


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