Incoming History Contributions

This page is for contributions to the Corozal Historical Society (CHS), to be considered as to whether they should be placed on a page in this section of

Omar Mitchell

For those who do not know Omar Mitchell, he is a great asset to the Corozal District, especially as a resource on its history. He is a founding member of the CHS, and he has agreed to provide a lot of his collections for the benefit of all.

Here are a few things he happened to find and send on.

Haulover Maps

Haulover 1

Haulover 2

Haulover 3

Well and Tank




Also this PDF

All of these could use some descriptions, and the CHS should probably decide whether we want to include things outside of the Chactemal area and the current Corozal District.

Links to External Resources

Besides information we actually put on, we should also place links to external resources, such as this historical document that Omar provided. Most of these will have copyright issues, but a link and a “fair use” short summary could be included on the site.

The Beginning of British Honduras 1506-1765, by E. O. Winzerling, 1946


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