Belize - Mexico Bi-National Health Agreement

Pictured above, left to right:

  • Dr. Peter Allen, CEO, Ministry of Health, Belize
  • Dr. Lino Guzman, President, Consejo Quintanaroense de Salud, - COQSA
  • Dr. Franciso Lara, Presidente, Colegio de Médicos, Q. Roo
  • Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Corozal Bay Representative
  • Mr. Franciso Savedra, In Representation of the Mexican Ambassador
  • Dr. Joel Cervantes, President, Belize Medical and Dental Association
  • Dr. Manuel Aguilar, Integrante de La XIII, Ligeslatura Del Estado de Q. Roo
  • Ms. Lizette Bell, Regional Health Manager, Northern Districts, Belize
  • Dr. Nelson Marin, Deputy Regional Health Manager

The grounds at the Corozal Community Hospital were alive with activity on Sunday, April 22, 2012. Representatives of health groups and government were on hand to sign the first ever Bi-National Health Agreement, assuring cooperation between the countries to provide quality care for their citizens. The signing was between the Belize Association of Doctors and Dentists and the Colegio Médicos Quintanta Roo.

There was a brief program with a few remarks from representatives followed by the official signing of the agreement.

The Program
Official Signing

Concluding the program was the signing of the agreement by both medical and governmental representatives of both countries.

Social Activity Pre-program

Before the ceremony, there were people of both countries greeting each other and celebrating the occasion putting last minute touches on the program.

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