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Upcoming Events in Corozal

Wednesday, November 14th, 8:30am

Free Diabetic Retinopathy Screening The Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) will be conducting a free screening for diabetic retinopathy at the office of the Belize Diabetes Association, Corozal Branch, at the corner of 7th Avenue and College Road. It is for diabetics only. For more info, see the video on BDA Corozal’s Facebook Page

Wednesday, November 14th, 1pm

World Diabetes Day Walkathon The Belize Diabetes Association (BDA) Corozal Chapter, is sponsoring a 2-mile walk to raise money and awareness. It begins and ends at the Andres Campos Civic Center. For more info, see their Facebook Page

Friday, November 16th, 6:30pm

IJC Open Forum presented by To’one Masehualoon, on Exploring the NO vote of the IJC Conversation. Presenters: Roy Rodriguez, Corozal researcher and historian, and Gian Vasquez, History Lecturer. At the Corozal House of Culture. See the House of Culture Facebook Page

Saturday, November 17th, 11am - 1am Sun, Rainbow Beach

Corozal Bay Bikers Fest hosted by Sons of Chingada. The second annual event includes burnouts, raffles, games, food, performance by Surpassing Silence.

Monday, November 19th, Public Holiday

Garifuna Settlement Day is a public/banking holiday. It celebrates the Garifuna people who came to Belize after being exiled from the Grenadines by the British army. There are festivities countrywide, especially in Dangriga. See the celebration in Libertad Village in the Corozal District.

Monday, November 19th, 6:30am-1pm

Garifuna Settlement Day Yurumein & Celebration in Libertad Village. Free round trip excursion leaving the House of Culture at 6:30am and returning at 1pm. Presented by the National Garifuna Council, Libertad Branch. To reserve your seat, message, call 620-1572 or visit the House of Culture Facebook Page

Recent News of Corozal

Hanal Pixan and Pok-ta-Pok 2018

Oct 27th we saw the ancient Maya tradition of Hanal Pixan (Food for the Soul) including Maya cuisine, altars, dancing, and more. The champion Pok-ta-Pok team Ek’ Balam from Yo Creek also gave a great demonstration of the Maya game Pok-ta-Pok. This gallery also includes several YouTube videos. See the gallery page on 

Retinopathy Screening and Diabetes Walkathon

Nov 14th Under the sponsorship of the Belize Diabetes Association (BDA), Corozal Branch, the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI), and others, there was a retinopathy screening at the new BDA office at 7th Avenue and College Rd, and then a Walkathon beginning and ending at the Andres Campos Civic Center. Excellent participation. See the gallery page on 

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