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Upcoming Events in Corozal

November 2020
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Sunday, November 1st, USA and Canada

Daylight Savings Ends in most places in the USA and Canada. Belize and our neighbors in Quintana Roo, Mexico, stay on the same time year-round. But it means if you are watching US TV shows, they will begin an hour later starting at 2am their time on the 1st of November. Time and Date

November 1-5, 8am to 5pm

Pueblo Nuevo Ferry Intermittent Closings for 2 hours each time on Nov 1-5, between the hours of 8am and 5pm to conduct test piling operations. Note that the Pueblo Nuevo Ferry is the one across the New River, closer to Corozal Town. See source.

Wednesday, November 11th, Countrywide

General Election in Belize. All 31 seats in the House of Representatives will be up for election, for a 5-year term. Wikipedia

Thursday, November 19th, Belize.

Garifuna Settlement Day is a public holiday in Belize. The holiday was created by Belizean civil rights activist Thomas Vincent Ramos, in 1941. It was declared a national holiday in 1977. Wikipedia

Postponed: Saturday, Nov 21st, 8-8:15am and 6-6:15pm, entire district

Postponed Power Outages: Two 15-minute power outages from 8AM to 8:15AM and 6PM to 6:15PM on Saturday, November 21 to affect entire Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. BEL to facilitate maintenance works by Cenace at Xul-Ha, Mexico. POSTPONED due to inclement weather. Belize Electricity Limited

December 2020
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Fridays in December (4, 11 & 18th), Corozal House of Culture, 9am-3pm

Popup Artisan Shop with 4 to 6 artisans each Friday will pop up inside and outside ensuring safe shopping for all. Masks and social distancing required. Corozal House of Culture

Friday, December 25th, countrywide

Christmas Day holiday.

Monday, December 28th, countrywide

Boxing Day is a holiday in Belize. Usually the day after Christmas, the holiday is on Monday, 28th December, in lieu of Dec 26th.

News and Memories of Corozal

They Came from Corn, by Beardall

Video and gallery for Antonio Beardall’s presentation They Came from Corn: The Origins of the Maya for Ancient World Week, Corozal House of Culture, 15 July 2019.

Sweetness and Labor, by Oland

Video and gallery for Dr Maxine Oland’s presentation Sweetness and Labor: The Historic Period Sugar Industry in Northern Belize for Ancient World Week, Corozal House of Culture, 15 July 2019.

Chetumal Bay Archaeology, by Walker

Video and gallery for Dr Debra S. Walker’s presentation Chetumal Bay Archaeology: Shifting Capitals and Fierce Independence over the Millennia for Ancient World Week, Corozal House of Culture, 16 July 2019.

Aventura Archaeology Project, by Robin

Video and gallery for Dr Cynthia Robin’s presentation Aventura Archaeology Project 2019 for Ancient World Week, Corozal House of Culture, 16 July 2019.

St George’s Caye Day 2019

Corozal Town celebrated the 221st anniversary of the Battle of St George’s Caye with a ceremony including coronation of the Corozal Queen of the Bay and a parade.

Art in the Park 10th Anniversary

Art in the Park celebrated its 10th Anniversary on the 14th of September, 2019. We have a gallery of photos from it, and a link to more photos posted on Facebook.

Historical Railway System Exhibit

Belize’s Historical Railway System Exhibit launched at the Corozal House of Culture on 17 September 2019, and it will run through June 2020. Be sure to drop by and look at this excellent exhibit.

Kids Independence Ceremony/Parade 2019

Primary schools and preschools celebrated the 38th anniversary of the Independence of Belize on Friday, 20th September 2019 with a ceremony at the Andres Campos Civic Center, and a parade through the streets of Corozal Town. Thanks to the school students and their faculties and staff, Corozal Town Council, Ministry of Education officials, and others who made this possible.

Carnival 2019

Carnival in Corozal Town, 20th September 2019. Floats, dancers, and others getting ready for the parade, then the parade itself.

Independence Day 2019

Independence Day Ceremony and Uniform Parade, 20th September 2019. The first part is the traditional Ceremony including the crowning of Miss Independence 2019-2020. Next is the Uniform Parade, with students from secondary schools in the Corozal area, and others including components from Chetumal.

World Diabetes Day 2019

World Diabetes Day, program and walkathon. The Belize Diabetes Association, Corozal Branch, along with schools and villages throughout the Corozal District, called attention to diabetes with a program and walkathon in Corozal Town.

Graffiti Fest ’20, January 26, 2020

On Sunday, 26th January 2020, at Miami Beach, Graffiti artists from Belize, México, El Salvador, and Cuba, along with other artists, performers, and others, met for a great event honoring “Ancient Chactemal”.

Love Fest 2020 and Municipal Bazaar, February 14, 2020

On Friday, 14th February 2020 was Valentine’s Day, and also Love Fest 2020 in Central Park, and also the monthly Municipal Bazaar in front of the Town Hall. It was a great day to see what our Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in the Corozal District do, grab a bite of lunch, and do some local shopping with vendors at the Bazaar.

In Memory of Vilma Romero

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Mrs. Vilma Romero, one of Belize’s best and most productive artists. In tribute, we offer this gallery, with remarks by Debra Wilkes of the Corozal House of Culture, and ending with the poem that Joanna Magaña wrote for Vilma Romero.


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