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I discovered Moon Handbooks® when I got the Second Edition of the Belize Handbook that was published in 1993. That was the year before we moved to Belize. We had decided to come to Belize to live, though we had never been here! We drove from Louisiana through Texas and Mexico in a 1976 Jeep Cherokee pulling a 1979 Wilderness travel trailer. Reading Chicki Mallan's book about all the exciting things that Belize had to offer helped me through all the fears and doubts that would occasionally impinge on my consciousness. Since that time the Handbook has been revised every three years, and I have every edition. The current one is the Seventh Edition, researched and written by Joshua Berman.

We met Josh in 2003 when he was spending several months in Belize working on the information for the Sixth Edition. We were delighted to have him as a guest, loaned him a bicycle, did what we could to help him cover Corozal, and even helped with a side trip to Chetumal, Mexico.

Josh has maintained the the standard of excellence found in the Moon Handbooks. His revised Sixth Edition won the 2005 Lowell Thomas Best Guidebook Bronze Award from the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers.

Josh has noted additions to what has already been the best guidebook around for Belize. Thumb indexes help you quickly find an area of the country, and the side bars provide fascinating and often essential information such as Garinagu (Garifuna) Settlement Day, Reef Etiquette, and Snorkeling San Pedro. And the maps are good and easy to use.

Josh has continued to distinguish himself as a travel writer.


Printed handbooks are invaluable for travelers, but some things change rapidly these days, such as hotels and restaurants. We will provide changes we know of in Corozal since the publication of the book. This is not meant to be a complete listing, but will include deletions, changes, and additions we are aware of. Note that these changes are not authorized or affiliated with Moon Handbooks in any way.

Local Guides and Tour Companies

Henry Menzies Travel and Tours has become Belize VIP Transfer Services. Henry Menzies and his family are still in the business, and things are growing and improving. A new office and information center has been added.


Under US$25 The Marviton Guest House has moved. There is a sign saying they are moving to Sixth Street South. We will check it out and update information.

Corozal Guesthouse, 422-0634, is centrally located on 6th Avenue, near all conveniences. Rooms are clean with private bath and hot and cold water, there is a TV in the central room, and the price is US$22.50 a night.

US$25-50 TJs Hotel has been sold and is no longer in business.

US$50-$100 The former Nestor's Hotel has changed hands and has been completely renovated. The name has been changed to Las Palmas. You can check it out

The Mirador Hotel opened in August, 2006, and is centrally located in Corozal right on Corozal Bay.


Le Café Kela has closed, the owners have moved back to France, and the property is for sale.

Patty's Bistro on 4th Ave., centrally located, has been open since 2003, and has excellent Belizean food at reasonable prices, ranging from about US$4 to about $7.50, the price for a coconut curried shrimp dinner.

June's Kitchen is run by a popular local woman who left her job as the major cafeteria cook at a local high school and started by cooking and delivering lunches. Her reputation made it easy for her business to rapidly become a success. She has a small addition in the front of her home with several tables. She serves breakfast and lunch, and is open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. until about 5:00 p.m. A traditional Belizean stewed chicken dinner with rice and beans is US$4.

Hailey's Restaurant is closed.

As in most Belizean towns, there is a plethora of Chinese restaurants, ask for a recommendation where you are lodging.


U Sav Supermarket is closed.

D's grocery store is most likely to have products imported from the US. The selection varies, and a few things are standard, but unusual items, like couscous in a box, may be found once, and then never again. Some items may be found once or twice a year, like Hershey's Semi-chocolate Chips!

A&R Services is a variety store where you can get office supplies, pens and pencils, kitchen items, things for your home, and Belizean souvenirs. There are several A&R stores in Belize and prices are reasonable. It is located on 4th Avenue north of 3rd Street North.

Casa de Cambio is no longer open. Atlantic Bank is now open until 3:00 p.m. With your ATM card, you can access your account in the US and obtain Belizean money. Rates are reasonable.

Internet Access
With the advent of DSL in Corozal there was an increase in internet cafes, some which opened and closed. Charlotte's Web is closed, but M.E. Computer Systems is still open. Transforming Technologies (4th Ave between 2nd and 3rd Streets North) is a place where some data entry is done but computers for internet access are available for rent. Many of the hotels now have internet access available, either from computers in the lobby (The Mirador) or even access from the rooms (Las Palmas).

—Judy Wilson

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