Belize Adventist College

Maintaining its philosophy, the Belize Adventist College, in its pristine natural setting offers the student a tranquil campus where body, mind and soul may be developed harmoniously. Adhering to the high standards, moral values and principles of Bible truths upheld by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, our ultimate goal is to restore in each student the image of God.

At Belize Adventist College you will benefit from almost half a century of experience in the deliverance of quality education within the framework of the science of salvation, and academic excellence. The aim of our teachers is your preparation through dedication and consecration, so that you will be able to make positive contribution to your community, society, and the world.

Above all at Belize Adventist College you are number one. Our well planned calendar of activities is bound to keep you active. You will have ample room to be self-disciplined, motivated, creative and refined. Your educational experience begins here!

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