Corozal Time and Weather

Technically, Corozal is on Central Standard Time all year. That is the time you will see below. However, what is known as Belize Time is the laid-back, no worries time that is a trademark of the Caribbean lifestyle. If you come from a place where meetings and events are scheduled to the nearest second, there is good news and bad news about Corozal.

The good news is that you can relax, take some deep breaths, smell our tropical flowers and listen to the birds. If you are late to an activity, chances are the bus will still be there and some people will arrive after you do. And Belizeans will not shame you for being a bit late.

The bad news is that if you are really obsessive-compulsive, Belize Time will drive you up a wall! You might consider going to Europe instead.

The first clock shows the time in Corozal (and Belize). The second shows the time in Chetumal (and Cancun), Mexico.

Corozal Weather

You can click on the weather widget below for a forecast and additional weather info.

Tropical Warnings

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