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Information on Vision and Eye Care

Sun 30 Oct 2016 — Info on for Vision and Eye Care services

Information on Vision and Eye Care

Click this link for information about Benevolent Missions Inc (BMI), and Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI), which periodically provide services at the Methodist Eye Care Center next to the Corozal Hospital.

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MOH Warns of Dengue Outbreak

Tue 6 Aug 2013 — Ministry of Health Warns of Dengue Outbreak

The Ministry of Health (MOH) places Belize on alert due to regional dengue outbreak. The Ministry of Health issued a press release to the media to inform the general public of recent dengue outbreaks in some of the neighboring Central American countries. Several dengue advisories have been issued in Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador following severe outbreaks infecting as many as 40,000 people and causing 26 deaths across Central America this year. A state of emergency had to be called in Honduras after a dengue outbreak killed 16 people, and over 12,000 more have been diagnosed with the illness in that country. Travelers to these countries are asked to exercise caution.

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Launch of Belize Cancer Society Corozal Branch

Sun 27 May 2012 — There has been a cancer organization in Corozal since 2010, but it is now an official branch of the Belize Cancer Society.

Friday and Saturday were significant days for those involved in fighting the disease, supporting those with the disease and their families and improving cancer awareness. It is no longer a death sentence! You will be hearing more from this dynamic and productive group of decidated medical professionals and citizens.

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Belize-Mexico Bi-National Health Agreement

Tue 24 Apr 2012 — Dignitaries (doctors and government representatives) sign Bi-National Agreement

Corozal Community Hospital was the location of lots of activity on Sunday, 15 April, 2012. There were doctors and government representatives of Belize and Mexico on hand to sign the first ever health Bi-National Agreement. Primarily involved were the Belize Medical and Dental Association and the Colegio M├ędicos Quintana Roo. There was also a health fair where citizens received a variety of free services offered by doctors and volunteers from Belize, Mexico, and the Hearts and Hands Missionary service in the USA.

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Belize investigates swine flu cases as WHO raises alert level

Thu 30 Apr 2009 — The WHO has raised its global alert to 5, just one below the maximum. This indicates that a global pandemic is imminent.

BELMOPAN - Belize is reporting suspected cases of swine flu as the WHO raised the global alert to level five, suggesting that a pandemic is now imminent.

All major public events, including the National Agriculture and Trade Show, the Crooked Tree Cashew Fest, and a Morgan Heritage concert scheduled for the long weekend, have been called off in Belize as health authorities investigate at least two suspected cases there. Over in the Bahamas, 10 students and teachers who arrived at the beginning of this week are under quarantine.

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