Corozal Post Office

9 October, 2010 was World Post Day. World Post Day marks the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union's establishment in 1874. It is held on October 9 each year. We took advantage of this occasion in 2010 to feature the Corozal Post Office. Located right in the heart of town, across the street from Central Park, the Post Office is a place that is very familiar to most Corozale├▒os, and that will often be visited by out-of-towners and tourists. It is near the tower clock, a working clock, that is the landmark for Central Park.

There are five regular employees, and when you go in for your business there is always a smile waiting for you. Because of the nature of the business, they will almost always know where every one in the Corozal district lives! Below are the postal workers, their names, and how long they have been with the Corozal Post Office.

Above are the postal workers. Click on small image for a larger photo with name and how long they have been with the Corozal Post Office (Years updated in 2013).

Ventura Gonzalez, pictured on the left in the group at the top of this page, is the charlady for the Corozal Post Office.

There are 370 post offices boxes and when new ones have been added, they are rented right away. Additionally, the post office delivers mail to everyone in town without a post office box. If you are new in town, they will hold mail for you addressed to General Delivery. Also, once or twice a week, a mail carrier from each of the 24 surrounding villages comes in to collect and deliver mail for the villagers.

Like the rest of the world, inflation has hit most things in Belize except the cost of mailing a letter! A letter will be delivered anywhere in the country for twenty-five Belize cents (that's twelve and a half US cents), and to the USA letters are sixty Belize cents for an ounce and post cards are thirty Belize cents!

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