Corozal Mangrove Park


In August of 2009, this project was awarded a $1000 prize by the International Center for Responsible Tourism in the the WWF's Mangrove-Friendly Shoreline Challenge! This award was sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and Brooksmith Consulting. Craig Timmons, the landscape artist, said "When mangrove is preserved or replanted the benefits to fish, birds, and other wildlife as well as shoreline protection is crucial to keep the shores of Belize healthy and beautiful." For more details about the award, click here.

The Corozal City Council, CNCYG, neighbors, landowners and friends have started to develop this park on the very North end of Corozal Town right on the bay. The vision for this park combines recreational use with ecological values and learning. The park still has small areas of mangrove intact which have naturally provided 3 small but beautiful, sandy beaches on the bay. We believe this example of mangrove/beach preservation can visually show the importance of mangrove. When mangrove is preserved or replanted the benefits to fish, birds and other wildlife as well as shoreline protection is crucial to keeping the shores of Belize healthy and beautiful. Mangrove in the area to the North of us is rapidly being destroyed as the area is being developed.

We also would like to plant the area mainly in native species for educational purposes and to show the benefits of using plants that exist and prosper locally.

The steps that have been taken so far are as follows:

  1. The area has been hand chopped and cleared with caution so as to save native trees and mangrove.
  2. Large amounts of trash, glass and chopped debris were removed.
  3. The area that is open and grassy has been mowed with the City mower.
  4. There have been three 55 gallon trash barrels installed on a temporary basis.
  5. We have started to protect existing trees with rocks to support them to minimize continued erosion and destruction of trees.

We are still planning the following as soon as possible:

  1. Place large boulders/rocks to prevent cars from entering and driving on the park.
  2. Continue to place boulders at the beach around trees that where damaged by the June 1, 2008 storm to protect them from further erosion.
  3. Bring in loads of black dirt to fill and level areas, instead of bulldozing and leveling the area which would cause more erosion as the rainy season begins.
  4. Plant native plants for shade, esthetics and education.
  5. Construct palapas and benches as well as use large pieces of driftwood for sitting and play areas.
  6. Construct small walls for parking/barriers & install permanent trash barrels.
  7. Remove old tires in area that is yet undeveloped.

Future Plans

Belize Mangrove Videos

Locator Map

Mangrove Park is located in north Corozal Town, take the road just after the cemetery at the Finca Solana sign and got straight to the bay. Click on the icon to the left for a map.

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