Friends of Corozal United for Sustainability

FOCUS is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) registered 21 December, 2012. We came together as individuals who care about protecting the environment. We encourage a greater appreciation, respect, understanding of, and positive action for the environment in the Corozal District and Corozal Town.

Our flagship project has been Mangrove Park restoration which is on the north end of town. We have worked to combine bay and park recreation, conservation, and education. Among the many things we have done are coordination and work with international youth to reinforce the shoreline, plant trees, landscape, clean and remove trash, and make signs. Our projects have helped the environment, educated youth, and provided a postive cultural experience for all involved.

FOCUS continues to work on Mangrove Park and the creation of other bayshore parks. We help promote and sponsor Earth Hour and Earth Day in the Corozal District. We work on trash clean-up campaigns and environmental education.

Our fundraising efforts include plant sales, grant proposals, donation, and a map of Corozal Town.

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