Earth Day, 25 April, 2015

International Earth Day is April 22, and during that week different countries celebrate on their chosen day. In Belize, that day is always the Saturday after April 22, so this year it was April 25.

The major organizations responsible were FOCUS and the Corozal Town Council. The major project is always a clean-up day, with groups picking up the trash along the highways leading into and out of town. This has been designated as the Corozal Green Mile Clean-up Campaign, done yearly. Groups were given trash bags and gloves and were able to decide at what time they would like to take care of their area. was out early checking the activity going on.

The Corozal Green Mile Clean-up Campaign

Here are some of the groups in action and images of the bags filled with the trash. A total of 327 bags of trash were collected all the way from Santa Clara Village to the Chan Chen cut-off a stretch of approximately 20 miles of the Philip Goldson Highway!

Would everyone please make an effort to spread the word that throwing things out the window on the highway is a slap-in-the-face to our beautiful town and district. After this clean-up, let's see how quickly it is again a sore sight.

Gathering at Mangrove Park

After the clean-up, the groups were invited to assemble at Mangrove Park, the flagship project of FOCUS with the cooperation always of the Town Council. On this Saturday, some of the sanitation workers were also on hand to help, volunteering this day without compensation.

Locals in the Finca Solana area near-by cleaned up the park early on Saturday. People using the park are not fully educated to the importance of keeping it clean, unfortunately. On this day it was lovely, as it is meant to be.

A lunch of tamales was served by the Pioneers Tourism Club of Centro Escuela Mexico Junior College. Practicing what is preached, the trash after lunch was separated into organic waste, non-organic waste, and that which could be used again!

The New Permanent Kiosk

There was a new permanent kiosk in Mangrove Park funded by FOCUS along with Mae Klein and Craig Timmons, who have recently left Corozal and Belize, promising to visit often. A plaque was unveiled about the kiosk, officially inaugurating it. Music and short speeches were on the agenda. Mae and Craig have been instrumental in the development of Mangrove Park, and without them it might not even be! They were also founding members of FOCUS and Mae served as the first president. They will be sorely missed, but new people are stepping up to see that their legacy continues!

Silverio Marin is now president of FOCUS. He made a short talk and helped unveil the dedication plaque in the new permanent kiosk. The kiosk has paintings of Belizean birds to give it a unique flavor, done by local young artist Carlos Carillo.

Rafael Castillo, the Deputy Mayor was on hand all day, and talked to the group about the new land-fill being planned off the Consejo Road, and the need for Corozal to ban styrofoam and for people to separate organic from non-organic trash.

The Pioneers Tourism Club of CEMJC under the auspices of teacher Lisbeth Cabral not only participated in the cleanup, they did a couple of skits related to Earth Day, and served lunch!

We have too many CorozaleƱos not committed to the health and beauty of our town and distict, so the work is cut out for those desiring to doing something about the problems. Perhaps our hope is in the children, it will someday be their place to love and treasure.

Groups Participating in 2015

Below are the groups that participated in the clean-up. There are school environmental groups a scout group, a primary school group, groups of citizens of the villages south of town, and others.

The Clean-up by the Stalwart!

And of course, when people have done their task for the day, enjoyed lunch and a great program, someone has to clean up! The people from FOCUS were there to the very end, taking down the extra poles, etc, and washing up the plastic plates to use again! FOCUS is a strong force for the environmental health of our lovely town, and the Mayor and Town Council have always been involved in and supportive of these efforts.

Some of the photos above are courtesy of FOCUS, as well as some of the information. Thank you!

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