Earth Day, 21 April, 2012

To finalize celebrating Earth Day 2012, everyone involved in the clean-up was invited to gather at Mangrove Park. First there was a program where the organizers of the event made short talks, encouraging everyone to stay involved in the efforts to keep Corozal clean and green.

Before and after the program and installation of the sign, the people were able to enjoy the park and appreciate the beauty that can accompany preserving the environment.

Earth Day 2012, in addition to a big clean-up, was celebrated by installing a new sign at Mangrove Park, Corozal's flagship environmental project. Since its initiation in 2009, this park has been worked on many hours and days by locals as well as groups from out of country. The sign was designed and painted (with some help from others) by Kumi Hoshi, a JICA volunteer who is an environmental advocate. She is always on hand for any project related to the environment. She is functioning as an environmental educator with the Ministry of Education.

Preparation had to be made before the installation of the sign, including digging holes for the posts, mixing cement to secure it, then putting it in and making sure it was level.

After all the mornings activity, everyone was hungry, and the Scorpions Environmental Club of CEMJC generously provided lunch for everyone.

Editors note: Thanks to Silverio Marin for many of the pictures found on these two pages.

The kids on Cedar Street in Hall's Layout also participated in the renewed efforts to keep Corozal clean. For pictures, click here.

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