Earth Day, 21 April, 2012

There is a group of dynamic young people in Corozal Town committed to making Corozal green and clean. Their goal is to make Corozal the most environmentally friendly district in the country. Corozal is already noted for being a clean town, but there is still a lot of work to be done. People still mindlessly throw their wrappers, bottles, and containers out their car window. It will take a grand awareness campaign to make a course correction in this area.

Additionally, containers that are not biodegradable abound everywhere. "Take-out" is very common, and styrofoam that will last hundreds of years is everywhere, as well as plastic bags and bottles. There IS something we can do, with just a little effort. And the campaign has begun.

On Earth Day 2012, an Environmental Educational Outreach and Clean-up Campaign was started. Instrumental in organizing this effort were: Marvin Vasquez, Moderator, CJC Eagles Environmental Club; Silverio Marin, Moderator, CEMJC Scorpions Environmental Club; Kumiko Hoshi, JICA Volunteer, and Rafael Castillo, Corozal Town Councillor. The Mayor, Hilberto Campos, and the Corozal Town Council have always been involved in efforts to get Corozal clean and green. Councillors Elva Perez and Stacy Chi were also on hand for the Earth Day activities.

On short notice, there were several groups who participated in the clean-up on Earth Day. They were: CJC Eagles Environmental Club, CJC students, CEMJC Scorpions Environmental Club, Corozal Boy Scouts , Youth Cadet Corp, and Cornerstone Christian Academy.

It is promising that the youth in Corozal are getting involved at a young age. Congratulations to the Corozal Boy Scouts and the Police Youth Cadet Corp for your enthusiasm in this effort.

The first gallery has pictures of clean-up in town, and on the highway to the border. Students from Cornerstone Christian Academy were working in town, and on the highway to the border students from the Eagles Environmental Club and students and teachers from CJC were working this area. Over 50 large bags of garbage were collected along this highway.

After doing clean-up work, the Corozal Boy Scouts enjoyed Children's Park before proceeding to Mangrove Park for the new sign installation.

The Scropions Environmental Club, under the moderation of Silverio Marin, worked cleaning the highway south of town.

After the clean-up, everyone gathered at Corozal's flagship environmental project, Mangrove Park, for an Earth Day program, the installation of a new Mangrove Park sign, and lunch provided by the Scopions Environmental Club of .

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