Damage from Hurricane Dean

Here are some examples of damage from Hurricane Dean. There were quite a few roofs lost, many power poles and lines down, terrible damage to papaya, cane, and other crops, and many trees uprooted or damaged.

Here are some photos that are representative of the damage we have seen. We will add more as we get them. Click on a small image for a larger popup image.

The last photo was beneath a generator used fixing the roof in the previous photo. It shows a sign of the times. There were at least a dozen cell phones being recharged by the generator.

You might also want to check the pictures at Nemo.org.bz and, as usual in emergencies, the Hurricane Forum at http://ambergriscaye.com (from the first link, scroll down to Hurricanes) has lots of information about Hurricane Dean. Marty Casado does a great job with that.

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