Hurricane Dean

In the early hours of Tuesday, 21 August 2007, Hurricane Dean took a last-minute wobble to the north, sparing Corozal of the worst of its winds. Dean went inland about 18.7N and 87.8W, the center of its eye missing Corozal by about 40 to 45 miles.

As of Saturday, 25 August, about 50% of Corozal is without electrical power. Some areas, especially in the villages, have no water, and some telephone service is still out. Our first posting was using generator power, but we are now among those who have power restored.

The best news is that we have heard no reports of human casualties from Dean in Belize, though there is a lot of damage to subsistence crops, trees, and many houses.

The information that follows is a little rough, but we wanted to get something up as quickly as possible. You should be able to click on any small image below for a larger popup image.

Preparing for Dean

Many residents waited until the last minute to prepare for the hurricane. Here lots of customers made a stop at Villa Imports for last minute hardware and other supplies. Food stores had a brisk business also.

Here workers board up the nice stained glass windows of St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church.

Other residents were busy boarding up businesses like Hotel Mirador.

Driving around Corozal Town on Monday afternoon, we noticed that most homes had made at least some effort to protect against the storm. If Dean had wobbled south instead of north, very few of these preparations would have been adequate.

There are photos of the damage in Corozal on the next page.

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