C5 — Corozal Coalition to Combat Climate Change

Scroll down to read about the Earth Hour Program in Corozal on Saturday, 8pm, 26 March.

Background: We are forming an informal coalition of organizations and individuals in the Corozal District of Belize to support efforts to reverse the trend toward climate change.

It is unfortunate that the term "Global Warming" has stuck. Although the overall concern is a gradual increase in global average temperatures, the nature of global weather is that some localities will be warmer, some cooler, some drier, and some wetter in any given month or year. So we prefer "Climate Change". That said, scientists do say that "we find global warming is continuing unabated" and the last decade has been the warmest in history.

Corozal Earth Hour 2011 March 26 Program

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million individuals and more than 2000 businesses turned off their lights for a hour to take a stand against climate change. It has grown and in March 2010 it was the biggest ever where 128 countries joined the global display of climate action. People came together to join in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common - our planet.

"www.earthhour.org/About Earth Hour is organized by the WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature). ... it's one of the most respected independent conservation organizations. WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth's natural environment and build a future where people live in harmony with nature."

The Corozal Town Council and the WWF are having an event at Central Park on Saturday night, 26 March, beginning at 8:00 pm.

Come and bring a candle!

Come and show your support for taking care of our planet. Here is the program.

Opening Ceremonies by Deputy Mayor Aaron Babb
Remarks: Councilor Willie Cruz
8:30 Countdown to outing lights and Fire engine display
Lighting of candles
Dance by Ranchito dance group with florescent costumes
Fire works display
Vote of Thanks by Councilor Jude Budna

The Corozal Town Council cordially invites Corozal to participate in giving back to the planet one hour of life by flicking off your lights at 8:30 pm for an hour for Earth Hour 2011.

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