Bellcan Golf Resort and Marina Plans

This project seems abandoned. It is presented here for historical interest or for comparison when someone else buys it and attempts to launch a similar project.

The people of Corozal are expressing a growing interest in protecting the environment and are especially concerned about the mangroves along our shoreline. Being educated about their value is an ongoing project, and many positive and exciting things are happening.

A very big and interesting project called Bellcan Golf Resort and Marina is being planned that will involve a great deal of shoreline of Corozal Bay between Consejo and Serenity Sands Bed and Breakfast. This could be a boon for the community in terms of jobs and activities, so involvement in this would benefit everyone.

An immediate concern about this project is how it will affect the shoreline, and especially the mangroves.

An Environmental Impact Assessment has been completed for Bellcan Golf Resort and Marina. The project managers are calling for a public meeting on Friday, November 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Methodist Church/School on the waterfront to discuss their project.

This will be a 1000 acre four year phased in project. It will comprise 237 lots for sale, 773 one and two bedroom units (of which 222 are timeshare/rentals) along with a 200 room hotel/spa, boutique hotel with 25-50 rooms, a large marina (which means lots of dredging), several inland channels, three beaches, of which one will be open to the public, an 18 hole professional golf course, beach club, yacht club, golf club, fitness center, running trails, private and public parking and 102 acres of green/open space.

It looks like a carefully thought-out, responsible plan and is being done by the same Canadian company who is building Bellcan Eco Luxury Resort in North Amebergis Caye.

Back to the concern about the mangroves. Through the efforts of local citizens, with the support of the mayor and the Town Council, the World Wildlife Fund has taken an interest in Corozal and our mangroves. Hopefully everyone is learning how important mangroves are for shoreline, storm and fish/manatee protection.

The feeling is that Bellcan will be a good neighbor to work with for preserving and restoring mangroves. To that end you are encouraged to come out as a community and for as many as possible to attend this meeting to show support. Corozal Town would like to be known as a place where its citizens want to make sure the biodiversity and shoreline protection of Corozal Bay remains intact. It would be good for these developers to know the public is happy to work with them on a project that would benefit all concerned, and really good things can happen.

Here are some facts you might like to know:

There are about 32 acres of mangroves along this shoreline, primarily the southern section. They are mostly red, with definitive stands. Breakwaters are proposed for this area which would stand between the sea and the mangroves as a channel where boats can access their piers. How this will affect the area needs to be determined. The northern section has a thin stripe of red and black mangroves around the marina area.

Only five percent of the Bay remains intact as natural forest. The Bay is protected under the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sancutary Act. And for the shoreline of Belize, 70% is owned by non-Belizeans.

If you are interested in seeing drawings of the developement or reading the report, there is a copy available at the Town Hall and Library. You can also find a .pdf of the project provided by Bellcan: PDF Report

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