The Four Mile Lagoon is a body of water that extends south from the Rio Hondo (the border between Belize and Mexico) about four miles, and is perhaps a half-mile wide. It is close to the Northern Highway, making it very accessible from Corozal Town. A few miles drive from Corozal Town you will find several nice resort locations, used extensively by tourists and locals alike.

In 1765 the famous English navigator James Cook travelled up the Rio Hondo river past the Laguna de Sanjomal (Sanjomal Lagoon), and noted “A magnificent lagoon at the south side of the river” in his log book. He found out that it was also called La laguna de cuatro millas (Four Mile Lagoon). Thanks to Armando Villamor for this bit of history.

Note: These facilities have been closed for many years.
Kich-Pam-Ha Resort is known locally as Alcala's.
Cool Spot is owned by the Riverols.
Lagoon Camp Ground is Bill Dixon's RV water park.

This topic was produced by Xiomara Alcala, while a student at Corozal Junior College.

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