Ferry Ribbon-Cutting

This is from the year 2000, but 13 years later the ferry is still going strong. Here is something about its history.

Hon. Florencio Marin and Hon. Henry Canton cut the ribbon.

Hon. Florencio Marin, the Representative of Corozal Southeast, has been involved for about a decade in the efforts to make this ferry a reality.

Rt. Hon. George Price, Senior Minister, represented the Government of Belize in welcoming the economic and personal convenience this ferry brings.

Hon. Henry Canton, Minister of Works, said that this is the largest ferry in Belize, allowing all-season operation with no load restrictions.

Mr. Orvin Rancharan, Principal of Ranchito Government School, gave the Vote of Thanks.

On to Copper Bank

On Saturday, 22 April 2000, corozal.com decided to try the ferry, and get an idea of how useful it actually was.

It surprised us to see that they were able to fit two vans, our car, and a large truck on the ferry. Ministry of Works employee Andrew Pirtu told us the ferry is 90 feet long, with a weight capacity of 136 tons.

Here's evidence that the corozal.com car actually did make it onto the ferry!

Two and a half miles after leaving the ferry, you choose to travel toward Copper Bank or Progresso.

The results of our (very unscientific) test were as follows: it took us only 9.7 miles and 37 minutes to get from the Northern Highway, just south of Paula's Gift Shop, across the ferry to Copper Bank. We then went from Copper Bank to the same location on the Northern Highway, but going the old way, through Orange Walk. That took 53.2 miles and an hour and 27 minutes. The ferry saved us 50 minutes, 43.5 miles, and a couple of gallons of gas!

Give it a try. The ferry runs from 6 am to 9 pm, everyday. To reach the ferry from Corozal Town, take the new road going to the left, just south of Jal's Travel and Paula's Gift Shop. Follow the road (and the power lines) for 2.5 miles. Stop at the ferry

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