Pueblo Nuevo Ferry

This is from the year 2000, but 13 years later the ferry is still going strong. Here is something about its history.

Pueblo Nuevo Ferry provides access to northeast Corozal

On Saturday, 15 April 2000, Belizeans from the Corozal District and honored guests from other districts celebrated the opening of a ferry across the New River. This ferry provides much easier access to the communities in northeast Belize from the rest of Corozal District.

This is what the New River looks like at the site of the new ferry. The New River is known for its beauty, but still works hard, with sugar barges and other river traffic.

The ferryman provides the power for the ferry, though an ingenious gear system that pulls the ferry along its cable. It is slow, but sure. Typical crossing time is about eight minutes.

The ferry lands at the Corozal Town side on the morning of the inauguration. Hundreds of visitors rode the ferry on its inaugural day.

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