Corozal Lights Up for Christmas 2003

Corozal Lights Up

Corozal Town lights up for the Christmas holiday season! Above is one of the delightful sights seen as you drive around town. This is the home of Gonzalo Vasquez on First Avenue by the bay. It is worth the time to get out and see the sights.

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Here is a little closer look at the Vasquez decorations, and a closer view of the north end of the Vasquez home.

At the south end of town is the Gomez home, above Basix. The display is large, this on the left is part of it.

On the right is the total display. This is the creative work of Isaac and Igrid Sajia, owners of the home of the store below, Basix. Check out what they have at

Decorations at Tony's Inn

Tony's Inn

At the south end of town, at Tony's Inn, they go all out for the holiday season. You can walk around in what looks like a wonderland of lights and displays. You will appreciate it best if you walk around the trail and take in the Christmas scenes.

Leaving the parking lot, going on the trail, you will find a miniature train display. The number of lights as you gaze around can take your breath away. There are all kinds of characters to be found, including some that seem familiar.

And of course you can find the traditional manger scene, which is what Christmas is really all about.

For more information about Tony's Inn, check out their website at

Miscellaneous Christmas Lights Around Town

Fifth Street South

One of the streets in town, Fifth Ave at Fifth Street South, had several houses in a row brightly decorated, and it presented a very cheerful picture.

Left, one of the houses lighting up Fifth Ave below Fifth Street South.

Right, another house contributing to the bright picture on Fifth Avenue.

Driving up College Road, you will also find a lot of lights decorating houses, from very many, to houses with only a few.

The Town Hall was also brightly decorated for the holiday season.

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