Corozal Public Library

Corozal Public Library

The Corozal Public Library is a place for the citizens and children of Corozal to enjoy, as well as tourists. It is centrally located on 1st Street South right next to the Town Hall. We are beginning this section and will be adding more in the near future. There is an active program for children provided by Elena CastaƱeda, librarian, that goes on throughout the year. Included are:

There is much more at the library, which we will feature here in the near future.

There is an organization called Friends of the Library who are involved in promoting the library. They have made a map of Corozal Town you can obtain at the library for a small donation. It has a list of local birds and trees, and you can be listed as a sponsor on the map for a donation. Drop by the library for more information.

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