The first youth art exhibit opened at the Corozal House of Culture on August 2, 2014. The first two young artists featured were Maggie Gray, 13 years old, and Carlos Carrillo, 18 years old. Both are members of COLCHA's Developmental Art Program. The opening was well attended, and these young artists are already having their work purchased and displayed by the supporting people of Corozal Town.

Debra Wilkes, coordinator for the House of Culture was instrumental in getting this program set up. She was the mistress of ceremonies for the event, and the introductions and talks were short and sweet. Everyone was eager to see what was in this exhibit, and people were not disappointed!

Maggie Gray

Maggie Gray was born in Belize and has been here most of her life. You can read her biography by clicking on the first image below.

Carlos Carrillo

Carlos Carillo is a native of Corozal Town and has recently completed a program at ITVET. You can read his biography by clicking on the first image below. Carlos will be working in construction with his father while he pursues his love of art. You can check out his webpage here: Carrillos Art.

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