Elvi Vega, Miss Belize 1997-98

Corozal's Elvi Vega, Miss Belize 1997-98

On 16 September 1997 Corozal's own Elvia Vega won the Miss Belize Contest. Elvi is a graduate of Corozal Community College and Corozal Junior College, and she graduated from the University of North Florida. Her mom was a teacher at CCC, and she is now the Counsellor at CJC (as Elvia Vega Samos). We are all very proud of her.

Elvi Vega is on the Corozal Town Pier, and behind her is part of South Corozal (left), and the seawall on Corozal Bay (right). All these pictures were taken while she was the reigning Miss Belize.

Hugs from BSD Kids

On this day, Miss Belize happened to meet some children from the Belize School for the Deaf. They liked her right away, and signed their love for her.

Miss Belize in Corozal's Central Park

The next pictures are from Central Park in Corozal Town. The clock tower chimes on the hour and each 15 minutes. The Fountain is at the center of Corozal Town's Central Park. Adjoining the park are the remains of nineteenth-century Fort Barlee.

The Miss Universe Pageant

One of Elvi's most rewarding experiences as Miss Belize was her competition in the Miss Universe Pageant in Hawaii. Below are some photos from that contest. Elvi, in a spectacular costume, poses with Miss Angola. You can see most of the contestants in the Miss Universe Pageant. Hint: Elvi is wearing a baseball cap. In the last photo, she displays the Belize flag.

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