Ballet in Corozal

On Wednesday, March 31, 2010, the Corozal Classic Dance Education school presented "An Afteroon of Broadway-Ballet Recital." Mrs. Beth Bower is the teacher and presenter.

Mrs. Bower wrote: "This has been our first semester for this dance school. I use the work school lightly as we are not a a large enterprise and would like to remain so. Learning takes time and smaller classes provide more one on one teaching with the children. We're hoping to starte the next semester around the end of may and will aim to find a more central location in town."

Here are pictures taken at the dress rehearsal, before the performance that evening. Click on a small picture for a larger view. You can then click on the right of the pop-up image to go to the next one.

Participating in the recital were:

Mrs: Bower also wrote: "I would like to thank the Town Council for their and assistance in the ways they have helped both me as the teacher and in support in this new cultural endeavor for Corozal Town.

"I would like to thank both the students and parents for all their efforts to study hard and learn such a multifceted dance.

"Special thanks to the parents who stayed with me while we got this program on it's feet!"

Special thanks were also offered to: Amanda Nixon, Carlos Sawyers, Gloria Antipowich Zeima Cambranes, Roceli Cruz, Riya Punjabi ITVET, Art in the Park,, Cinty's Sans Store,Corozal Town Council, Barb Shuber, Mark and Franchesca

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