Art in the Park's First Anniversary Is Smashing Success!

The First Anniversary celebration of Art in the Park shows just how much appreciation there is for this event, which now has artists from all over the country coming to display their talents. There were hundreds of people who packed the park during the evening.

The nationally famous musician, Carlos Perrote and his 15 member jazz band were on hand to provide lively music for the crowd of people that were gathered.

Speeches were made by Mayor Hilberto Campos, ICA Chairman David Aikerman, and Debra Wilkes Gray, a photographer from Corozal who had the brainchild that became Art in the Park, and who still works tirelessly on this monthly event.

If you want to buy something unique and unusual for your home, a friend, a family member, or you just want to come out and see all the people and what's available, you should make Art in the Park a monthly outing for yourself!

Here are pictures of some of the people and artists on hand on September 18.

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