Art in the Park began in 2009 as the brainchild of Debra Wilkes, who still spearheads this project. It functions under the auspices of COLCHA, which is is a Corozal entity dedicated to "Celebrating, promoting, and preserving the cultural heritage, art and history of our community as we identify our nich within the tapestry of National Belizean Identity." (From the Mission statement)

For the Fifth Anniversary Celebration (September 13, 2014) music was provided by the very popular Corozal musical group Caribbean Roots. Artisans displayed around the fountain, and the walkways to the streets in Central Park were filled with a wide variety of food vendors.

There were hundreds and hundreds of folks present for this event!

The program for the night consisted of the recognition of a number of artists who have been loyal and are almost always present for the monthly Art in the Park. Also recognized were a number of groups that have been physically and financially supportive. These artists and groups are found in the gallery of pictures below.

The climax of the evening was a short display of impressive fireworks!

Thanks to Ruben Campos for some of the photos above, which are so identified.

Fireworks video below, will load in not too long a time.

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