An unprecedented exhibit showcasing ten women artists of Corozal Town was launched on 4 March, 2011, at the Corozal Town Hall. The exhibit delved into the lives of these talented women, biographies unveiled the successes of each one, and their art captivated everyone.

Visual arts coordinator for the Institute of Creative Arts — Corozal Committee Debra Wilkes Gray produced and curated the exhibit. She spent countless hours photographing the artists, collecting biographies, exhibits, and information supporting each exhibit, as well as designing and producing promotional materials. The success of this exhibit is due to her hard work and and the graciousness of each artist, allowing the public to view their art and learn of their struggles and triumphs.

The exhibit spent three weeks at Corozal Town Hall, and during the last week of March it traveled to Corozal Community College and Escuela Secondaria Técnica Mexico. The traveling exhibit reached out to high school students, exposing them to different genres of art, with the hope of enticing younger talent to pursue a career in art.

"Arte con Voz de Mujer" is a yearly event which will take place in the month of March celebrating Women's Month.

Congratulations to all who participated in the first "Arte con Voz de Mujer".

Angelita Magaña is a role model who has positively influenced young people for years as a teacher and founder of the San Joaquin Fiesta. She has been active in the Red Cross, Scout Groups, San Joaquin Environmental, Ecumenical Youth Group, and the Cultural Dance Group.
Aurelia Martinez has been instrumental in encouraging women to become involved in handcrafts, such as making macramé bags and plant hangers, crocheted items and more. This helped women with gaining income. Recently she has become involved in "counted cross stitch" hand work.
Bernadette Gilharry is a national and international singer, married to Shane Gilharry of the Corozal Gilharry 7. She was honored in Belize as Best Female Singer of the year in 2008. In 2010 the Gilharry 7 won best band with Bernadette's original songs, Te Busque and Celebration Time. She will travel internationally in 2011 with the band.
Beverly Orio was born in the USA, but married a Belizean and has become a true Belizean. She has been involved in many art forms, including sewing and designing clothes. She does crochet, needle work, and tatting and needle-lace. She has also been involved in painting, and recently has ventured into beaded jewelry.
Cami Chun has been dedicated to venturing into art forms that are from her Maya heritage, such as embroidery, and making baskets, bracelets, and clothing. She also learned the art of Jipi-japa from her mother. From the Jipijapa tree comes the material for baskets. She now does embroidery and traditional Maya jewelry.
Debra Wilkes Gray is a professional photograper whose work has been in national and internation publications. She fell in love with Belize and Corozal, which she has made her home. Her passion has always been to document with photos the people in her community who are so "rich in spirit."
Joanna Magaña is a native of Corozal, being born and educated in Corozal then at the university in Belize City. She studied literature, and has always has a ferocious apetite for the arts. A teacher at Corozal Community College, Joanna continues to insprire students in poetry, drama, music and dance.
Lydia Ramcharam Pollard is known in Corozal Town for committment and dedication to her East Indian cultural heritage. Her interest has resulted in collecting artifacts which she has in her own museum "Window to the Past." She is happy to share her history and her museum with those interested.
In her lifetime, Vilma Romero has explored a variety of artistic expressions, including watercolors, oil painting, wood carving, and metal and stone sculpture. In 1997 her work was featured in the national 12th Annual Women in Art Exhibition.
Vilma Ugarte is a native of Nicaragua, and became involved in dance as a child. As an adult she was involved in a national dance group, where she ventured into choreography. She moved to Belize after marrying, and in Corozal has continued to offer her talent, experience, and expertise to the art of dance. Her choreography and uniform design for Corozal Community College was the winner in the 2010 National Band Festival, which was held in Corozal, bring pride to all the people of the town.

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