Archaeology in the Corozal District

The Corozal District is rich in Mayan Archaeology, but very few of the sites have been excavated.

Santa Rita

The Mayan site of Santa Rita is in Corozal Town. It has been excavated, and the site is open to the public. Click on the green icon on the left for a Google map.


Cerros is on the Shipstern Peninsula, a little east of Corozal Town. Click on the green icon on the left for a Google map.


There are numerous other sites which have not been excavated, and are not really open to the public. Some are just mounds, and many have already been looted.

Latest Archaeology News

Burial Crypt Uncovered At Santa Rita

Fri 12 Apr 2013 — Thousand Year Old Crypt Uncovered at Santa Rita

The excavation work being done at Santa Rita in Corozal Town is resulting in serendipitous offerings far surpassing expectations! Just recently a thousand old crypt was discovered! Channel 7 news rushed to cover the story.

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New Excavation at Santa Rita

Thu 14 Feb 2013 — $ 100,000 BZD Funding Santa Rita Excavation

With a grant provided by the US Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation, Dr. Jaime Awe is overseeing a major excavation and development of the Santa Rita Archaeological site. Already exciting Maya artifacts are being found! will keep you updated on this exciting project. For pictures and more information click .


Jade Head Visits Corozal

Tue 2 Mar 2010 — Famous Jade Head Visits Corozal

Jade Head Visits Corozal

brought a team of people with the Jade Head and other artifacts to Corozal on March 2, 2010.

The Jade Head is such an icon of Belize that it appears on the face of each denomination of paper money, right there with Her Majesty, The Queen! It's in the upper left corner.

A number of school classes as well as people of Corozal had the priviledge of viewing and hearing about the most significant Mayan discovery of Belize. Representatives of NICH were on hand to organize the viewing and give relevant talks to those attending. Corozal's own Darcy Correa, a CCC and CJC graduate talked all day long enlightening those who came. It was a great day for the town.

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